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Dear God No! … steps

The wrap around cover is coming on nicely now, here are some screen shots as I was painting up a section of the cover.

Dear God No! …Update

So here is the a few pics of the final drawing , I will be posting the painting process up soon. Bikers,naked babes, guns, knives, murder and mayhem, yup I am having fun with this.

Return of the Massive Print!

So here is the print of the poster ….Job DONE!

Return of the Living Dead…Finished Artwork

Here it is folks the final artwork all done, ready to be printed.

Dear God No!…hell yes!

New project on the start , the director James Bickert has commissioned me to create a special wrap around cover for a DVD/VHS release of

‘Dear God No’. I am super excited to do some art for this film

What I want to achieve with this cover is a snapshot in the life of these badass bikers known as the ‘Impalers’ , its all about bikes, violence, beer, sex and drugs and lots of it too. Hence I decided to make the main character almost larger than life with his gun pointing at the viewer saying basically ‘you are next’

Here is the start of the pencil art for the wrap around cover.

To see more about this film go here:

Return of the living Dead Update 2

Another sneak peek at the poster in progress…enjoy

Return of the Living Dead Poster Update

So last time I had done a couple of rough thumbnail layouts. Since then the client had approved a layout with some changes and I have drawn the detailed pencil drawing and started to paint it in digitally.

This is the pencil work been done I work form right to left , because I am left handed and working on tracing paper it smudges really easy so the best way for me to work is right to left.

This is a screen grab of the final image scanned in and adjusted using curves and a little sneak at a image been painted up.

Space Kitten Update

So between my main  projects and work I have managed to finish off the pencil art for the back board, the actual board has also been traced so that it can be cut with the CNC machine.

Here is the drawing coming to a end.

This is the drawing scanned in and adjusted with curves, I also created a mask so that once I start to paint up the image the background ( galaxy ) I am going to fog back a bit to make the character stand out more.

Return of the Living Dead Poster commission

These are some rough thumbnail layouts for a commission I am doing based on the film Return of the Living Dead. What I did to create these compositions was I sketched out a bunch of small drawings based on screen grabs from the film and few of my own ideas. I scanned in all the little drawings separately and then moved them around till I got some nice layouts, this works pretty well BUT is time consuming especially making all those little drawings , I want to use this technique more.

Project: SpaceKitten

First off Happy new year 2013!!
Okay so I have been planning this project for some time now, basically I want to build and create the graphics for a pinball machine’s back board, that is the section on a pinball machine that has your score and normally a really cool graphic and lots of lights.

I have found the dimensions for the backboard and I have started the sketch of the main artwork. I am planning to do a few pieces featuring this character Space Kitten , first will be this Pinball head board.
I am going to be posting most of the process of this project.