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Fire Lucha Full version sort of…

Here is the fire lucha I used on one of my skate deck designs, I decided she needed to be on a poster of some sorts so this is the result.

Dark harvest Colour and detail

So now working  on the details begins, I will be posting as this process progresses, towards the end of the final artwork I will do final colour balancing and adjustments

Dark harvest continued

So here is the revised drawing

So as you can see the creature is alot more meaty and buff. Onto the basic colour wash, as I preferre to work from dark to light.

Dark Harvest Cover art development

Hi All

Iain Lowson, was very kind in letting me  post up the cover artwork progress that I am currently doing for his epic RPG Dark Harvest.

So first here are some of the thumbnails that I started off with

After we have decided on what thumbnail works the best and a couple of more changes I produce the pencil line work that I will be  using in my digital paint over.

A few more changes are needed, I made the main character/creature look too young.

Time to Grind

Hi All

I have just launched my skateboard shop via boardpusher, so if you are into skateboarding or just want cool skateboard deck art hanging on your walls then go take a look.

I will be updating the site on a regular basis with new and awsome designs, if there is any specific deign you would like to see on  a board drop a note and I will see what I can do.

Awsome find

I came across some great horror magazines over the weekend last week, and just scanned in a few covers to share, among the magazines, was Famous monters of filmland, Vampirella, Eerie and Psycho.

First posted artwork to enjoy

I had this pin-up sketch floating around on my hard-drive for a while and thought it might be wicked to put it together as a comic / pin-up cover.

New website!


To the new and improved website for The Art of Corlen Kruger.

I have decided to convert my blog over to Word Press and with the help of my friend André Jacobs I can now offer my readers a better experience.

Coming soon! You will be able to buy those much requested to-die-for limited edition posters directly from me. So keep an eye out for when the shop doors open up.

The site is still undergoing some development so please forgive any glitches (especially posts from the old blog).

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can now e-mail me directly from this website.

Enjoy your stay!