Coffin Joe Cover artwork

Here is the final version of the Coffin Joe artwork . This was a really fun project to do.

Coffin Joe LP cover update

Here is a work in progress shot of the colouring stage.

CD cover sketch in progress for DirtyGrim

This is going to be a wrap around cover , here is the first sketch from my initial rough draft, I might still change and add stuff before I settle on the final design.

Banane Metalik Poster WIP

I am currently working up a poster for Benane Metalik , I am trying something different this time, instead of doing a detailed drawing and scanning it in , I decided to do a tonal painting first and use that as the basis of the poster to then work it up in photoshop, this way I can capture some of the painterly effects hopefully , well lets see how it progresses.

Monster Portraits process

I have started painting up some monster portraits when I get a chance here and there. They are painted on A3 gesso primed artboards. The final product will be a mixed media of paint and silkscreen.

Comic book project

Sneak peak and only one I can really share of a comic project I am currently working on.
Its a fun project and a really cool short story, I am been very vague I know , but I don’t want to give anything away until its out.

Jungle Girl final artwork

So this is the final artwork , ready to go to be silkscreen.

This is the stages to creating the artwork.

Pencil art

Pencil art is scanned into photoshop the blue lines removed by doing level adjustments , I then also add my additional text and make sure the image remains balanced and nothing is out of place.

First pass colour work , this is done mainly as flat colors, I drew inspiration from old comic books for their vibrant use of colour, I wanted this poster to pop.  After I had  got all the basic colour work in and was satisfied I then duplicated my original cleaned up pencil art and added it as a multiply layer to darken the lines and to bring the image back to looking like a panel from a comic book.

Then last bit of work was straight forward coloring and final adjustments. JOB DONE!

Jungle girl Logo Art

This is how I created the logo on the jungle girl poster. I roughly sketched/traced it onto tracing paper and using pigment pens and ink and brush I created the logo. I scanned it in separate and combined the logo and the final pencil artwork in photoshop , then proceeded to do all the colour work.

Coffin Joe themed LP cover

This is going to be used for a LP cover themed around Coffin Joe , I am inking the cover then coloring it digitally and adding effects.

Jungle Girl Zombie Hunter WIP 2

Update on the drawing , its getting there.