Zombie Tee work in progress

I started laying down some base colours for this artwork.

DirtyGrim CD front and back cover art

I did this one a while ago.

ZOMBIE HEADS first batch

This is the first batch of the zombie heads i have been making.

This is the custom box they come in.

This guy got some milky eyes

A little teaser

Here is a  teaser for a artwork that I am working on for a good client of mine…..cant say too much now :)

Car Decal Pin Up

I designed this car decal for my work (Atomhawk Design). It is for a charity rally that we are doing ,  the car is going to be decorated to look like WW2 bomber and it needed a sexy lady to finish it off , I cant wait to see how the car is going to look once its done.

Old frame some paint and a new look

I have this old frame and one of my paintings that I did at a Sunday art jam. So a bit of paint and some weathering effects on the frame , made the perfect picture frame for this picture . Now I need to hang this damn thing on the wall and not balance it on my turntable.

Dead Wake Chapter One: Hunger for Revenge eBook Cover Art

Another piece of art work I have been doing for the folks over at Ultra Pro.

Here s some of the cool merch that has already been done with this project…I so need one of those play mats they look awesome.


Coffin Joe Cover artwork

Here is the final version of the Coffin Joe artwork . This was a really fun project to do.

Coffin Joe LP cover update

Here is a work in progress shot of the colouring stage.

CD cover sketch in progress for DirtyGrim

This is going to be a wrap around cover , here is the first sketch from my initial rough draft, I might still change and add stuff before I settle on the final design.