Blast Off Girl

This was one of my pieces that I lost back in 2015 due to hard drive failure, luckily I had the pencil art, so I deiced to re-scan and repaint the artwork from scratch, I just wanted to finish this piece. So now its done.

Rene Bond in Dont eat Rene

This was my second poster I was working up for the cancelled custom culture art show.

New wave Traci

I am working up a series of posters / artworks for a custom culture art show , for my submission I am doing poster based on actresses from the adult industry, either be film or magazines whatever. But for the artworks i want to make them sexy but not sleazy so there in lies the challenge for me . For the look of the pieces I want to go for very bold colours and line art , and the final printed piece I want to simulate large halftone print dots.

Here is my first piece , this was also the test piece for the format of the artwork.

Here is a look at the pencil art, the text was done in 3D and comped together in photoshop.

Close up look at the full res image , to see the halftone effect i want to achieve.

Sneaky peeks

Here is a little sneak peek of a poster I am working on for the French metal band Banane Métalik

For some audio goodness get their latest LP here:

Banane Metalik The Gorefarther

Cover wrap around artwork I did for the awesome band Banane Metalik , This piece was created entirely digitally.

They are a real great bunch of guys to work with. I have also added some links here if anybody want to hear and see more of their music. Enjoy

Fags in the Fast Lane

Been a while since my last update , reason is I had a hard drive fail and a bunch of work that I wanted to share online is gone now. But saying that its time for some new goodies so here we go:

This poster was designed for a coming feature created by Josh Collins the director, known for Pervirella (1997) and Dante’s Cove (2005). It was a blast doing this poster , big thanks to Josh.

These were the proposed thumbs , after I had read the synopsis for the film a pretty solid idea for the composition pop into my head that I wanted to play with.

After a couple of tweaks it was onto drawing up the detailed pencil version of the artwork , I drew the final piece on tracing paper , the reason for this each element was drawn separately so that if I needed to move elements around in Photoshop to further balance the composition I could do that.

Final digitally coloured version, I also could not resist doing a worn out version.

Sword Succubus of the Steppes

This was a personnel commission I did for a client that wanted a mock film poster for he’s girlfriend, it was a really fun project breaking away from the usual horror themes and trying some dark fantasy .

Because the artwork was a surprise gift  i could not get a modeled pose so i used some internet photo refs and comped together a 2 pose options.

I made two comp options :

Once a comp was chosen and some additional changes were implemented i produced a refined sketch for approval.

Then once the sketch was fleshed out I created the very detailed pencil drawing , that got digitized and coloured in Photoshop. For the font I bought some fonts from really great font at very reasonable prices.

Cosmic Sounds of Staceytron

This collaboration was with the very mysterious and seductive Stacytron , she provided the pose based on my initial rough sketches. We decided to create a mock vinyl cover. This was a great little project.

Zombie Holocaust LP Cover

This project was going to be for Death Waltz Records releasing a special extended soundtrack for Zombie Holocaust, bit unfortunately the project never made it to final, so I finally decided to share the cover art I did for this.

Here are the original rough comps:

Once the desired design was chosen I did the detailed pencil art:

What I then decided to do is once i scanned my original pencil art in ( as back up – in case I screw it up in this next step) I took my airbrush and sprayed some tones into the pencil art and used white paint to pop out some of the details:

Once scanned in I started the digital painting process, i worked in a sort of anti clockwise manner , no real reason for working like that , just happened that way. My first pass was to lay down basic colour on a multiply layer , once that was done i moved onto painting in all the details:

And final colour balanced piece ….

Witch Ride

Just wanted to do this  for some time now

Here is the development sketches I did:

The very first rough idea :

I scanned that in and cleaned up the sketch , by redrawing it digitally. I also played around with adding text in the back ground.

I then printed this out and did a rough pencil sketch adding my additional details:

I still was not sold on the text , problem was that the artwork was covering allot of the text and I was concerned that it would not be readable. So in the final artwork I figured to go for a more traditional comic book layout.