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Finally shop is open for business, I am selling the posters through but eventually I will move it over to my shop on the website.

So go here

I will be adding new poster prints every few weeks so if you dont see the one you wanted in my gallery at first keep comming back it will be made into a poster print eventually.

Here is some info on the posters:

The artwork was a pencil sketched and digitally coloured, then to give it a vintage look I used the traditional hand pulled silkscreen process.

This is a full colour silkscreen print (four colour separation), printed on a 120gram Curious Metal Ice gold paper, this paper gives the print a slight metallic sheen.

Dimensions are H 26.77 X W 18.89 inches  68cm X 48cm.

Each poster is rolled and shipped in a sturdy postal tube.

I also register each poster tube shipped.

Due to the nature of the print process each print has its own unique relict look.

Wood Panel Painting

I wanted to create something to hang on my walls after I had bought this wood panel , from the art supply store.

The first two images show the inked drawing before i painted her up in acrylic paints, the pink/mangeta lines was my first drawing that I did, I was not happy with it, so I sketched over that.

Dracula House of Frankenstein

Here is some pics of the silkscreened version of Dracula House of Frankenstein, I really loved how this one came out, my camera does not really do it much justice.

StarVirgin Poster

So taking a break from creating ghoulish monsters and tentacle fiends, I wanted to try and re-create a sexy 70’s adult film poster.
StarVirgin caught my eye, I took some liberties like adding the green lazer eye robot dude for extra sci-fi effect and the purple plant like finger things.
Had fun doing this one.
Below is a basic synopsis of the film:
Kari Klark is a futuristic test-tube baby of some kind who needs the ins and outs of sex explained to her by a robot. She ends up on a time-traveling tour that shows her how raunchy sex was and can be.

Warfear Artygoodness

The kind folks of Warfear have been keeping me busy making them all types of cool ghoulish art for thier up comming CD release.
In keeping with the theme of Return of the living dead here are some more pieces I did for the cd interior and back

Sneek peek

Here is a little sneek peek at one of my posters that I will be selling soon, hand silkscreened on Ice gold paper. Its a four colour process, startig with primary yellow, then magenta, cyan and lastly black.

What reallt makes them cool is the slight metallic finish the paper gives to the overall image, I try to capture that on my camera , but I did not really have any success.

New studio pics

Here are a few shots of my new work space, still have to do a few minor fixes but its getting there.