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Rene Bond in Dont eat Rene

This was my second poster I was working up for the cancelled custom culture art show.

DED Fest 2013 poster

I was asked to create the poster for ded fest 2013 again and it was a blast putting this one together.

All info about DED Fest can be found here :

Return of the Living Dead…Finished Artwork

Here it is folks the final artwork all done, ready to be printed.


Ladies and Gentlemen its…..

This piece was done for Ded Fest upcoming Halloween show enjoy

Here is some more info :

Ormon Grimsby Halloween Hullabaloo

Hi there folks, well it sure has been busy times for me with tons of fun projects on the go. One of those projects is for Ormon Grimsby’s Halloween Hullabaloo, I was asked to do a retro style poster featuring some of Ormon’s characters for his  show info on the show can be found here :

So here is a modified version of the image I made for him for the website:

And this is the Poster , the text will be done by Ormon , so he only wanted the artwork, but when I designed this artwork I used some place holder text to design the image around that. The idea behind the poster is Southern Culture is been chased by the Space prince ( evil looking skeleton dude) and his minions , but Ormon comes to the rescue by building a remote controlled Santo to help save Southern Culture ….GO SANTO!