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Pulp novel type look

Here is another cover I did using some incorporated art, this time I wanted to try to create the old pulp novel type look.
hope you like

Eye of Satan

Oh yes
Here is the cover with the artwork incorporated.

Satan creature

Hi All
Here is a artwork I coloured up, that I used in one of my recent dvd covers called the eye of satan.

Poster elements

Hi All
Here is some of the cleaned pencil work for the posters, I draw most of the elements seperatly and then combine them all when I do the final layout in photoshop.

Long poster sketches

Hi All
Been busy working on some more designs for my long posters, thats what I call them now anyways, so here are some of my rough first sketches that I have started on that are now been reworked into final pieces.

Long style posters

Hi All
Well here is my first attempt with my long style posters, inspired by italian cinema style posters, which are longer and less wider than standard movie posters…so here is my first test run…enjoy

Few covers

Here are a few more covers I did…

Jade pussy

Here was a interesting experiment i made this artwork for one of dvd covers , but what I tried was doing it all in pencil and then to colour the artwork to look like a screen print image, I have been looking alot lately at rocking jellybeans art prints, he’s work is lots of practice for me:)

Sketchbook paint

Here is another sketch book image , I have been playing around with incorpirating text into the image, its still early days but lets see what happens, nest update I will be posting more dvd covers i have done
Later CK

Sketchbook painting

So I am currently trying a few different appraoches to my sketchbook painting style, here is my latest attempt as well as my most succesful up to date, I want to start makes spoof movie posters but in the long italian style format, well lets see what happens, for now here is the mystic bannana….CK