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Here is another backdrop painting from the animation that I am working on in my spare time, the backrop is animated in the animation the clouds move slowly past the moon.
Sorry still cant say too mutch.

Crab in ink

Hi all, it has been one busy week, only two weeks left before my stay here in London is over, and I move up to Newcastle to start my new job, yes it is nerve wrecking getting everything sorted from staying there to sending stuff home bla bla bla……but even in times like this the sketchbook still seems to come out and get doodled in. So here is this weeks offerings..enjoy

Square fish

This was an intesresting little discovery, I was sitting at a Starbucks coffee shop, when I spotted this retro 70’s wall paper deco they had on thier walls, I really liked the pattern so I started drawing the pattern in my sketchbook, but as I was drawing the pattern, I suddenly got this idea about square and rectangle fish living in the cube ocean an then there is this one fish a puffer fish that is a circle fish and its almost like a Finding Nemo type situation where the fish felt he could not fit in beacuse he was different.
Well I just started to doodle these fish inspired by this wall decoration.


Just got back from a trip to Newcastle, it is about a hour flight from London, where I am currently working, why go to Newcastle?
Well I have recently accepted a job to go work for Midway games as a concept artist, so I will have to re-locate, what a mission, but finally I have found a nice place to stay, so I am pretty mutch ready for my new job now, I will be missing my old place here in London its a really awsome place to stay, but well life goes on I guess……okay enough of the sentimental crap, you are here on this site to see art and art you shall see, here is my latest sketchbook offerings this week, some where done while I was waiting for the plane at Newcastle airport……enjoy.


I am doing some private work, a short animation, I cant go into too mutch detail about the project except its got monsters and all sorts of crazy things, so what I can show is the backdrops I started painting for the short.


And finally the last batch for today

Purple hair

Milk away!

A liitle guy, found in the corner of my sketch book.

A freind of mine asked me to draw the beast of Bodmin, a creature that terrorises the village of Bodmin, so this was my take on the creature, after i drew it he told me the creature was more like a giant cat, oh well go figure!

Pink hair

Oh yes, did I mention girls, well here they are too………

Inky creatures

Sitting here uploading images and watching TV…. aaaah! the sweet life