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Cafe Frankenstien

Here is my first foray into comics , its a ongoing project that I am doing will Will Penny who is the creative force behind this.Here is a sample of the Cover , prologue page and page 1. If you would like to read this and some other really cool stories go to :

lots of goodies to enjoy

Monster Portraits process

I have started painting up some monster portraits when I get a chance here and there. They are painted on A3 gesso primed artboards. The final product will be a mixed media of paint and silkscreen.

Send more Paramedics WIP

Here is a T-shirt commision I am currently working on for the band Warfear. They wanted me do depict the scene form Return of the living Dead when the zombie asks dispatch to send more paramedics, I decided to add the paramedic in the foreground with his brain already munched.

Lucha ‘wip’

Oh yes the lucha is back, I have a whole bunch of ideas for a series of posters i want to do featuring my main character from the very first poster ‘diablo vs the shewolfs’, I call her Diabloletta…
Anyways here is one of the costumes I am playing with, its only a work in progress,she will change costumes per poster but they will all have a similar look plus soon i will show off her arch rival dark diablo..:)

Lucha ‘WIP’

HI All
Here is a work in progress of another lucha, I am thinking of changing her colour on her outfit….still thinking


Here is another backdrop painting from the animation that I am working on in my spare time, the backrop is animated in the animation the clouds move slowly past the moon.
Sorry still cant say too mutch.


I am doing some private work, a short animation, I cant go into too mutch detail about the project except its got monsters and all sorts of crazy things, so what I can show is the backdrops I started painting for the short.