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Jungle Girl Zombie hunter on Voodoo Island

She is back , this time i decided she is hunting zombie dinosaurs , must have been all the advertising i have been seeing for Jurassic park that influenced this.  I  also produced a  limited run of 7 spot colour silkscreen of this poster using dayglow inks, if anything is left after SA comic con in September i will be putting them up in my new web shop i am currently working on.

High on the HOG movie poster

This poster went through a series of design changes but got it done in the end

Deadly Mermaid

Another poster request by sex and monsters , this time a deadly mermaid, i haven’t really drawn mermaids so this was a first for me.
The prints will be for sale soon at:

Tiki witches enjoy tourist cocktail poster

This poster commission was for Sex and Monsters , had a blast working this poster

The prints will be for sale soon at:

Slaughter house slumber party poster

A group of gorgeous gal pals are horrified when one of their friends dies in a tragic naked pillow fight accident during their annual Slumber Party. Fearing legal repercussions, the ladies dump her body in a swamp and forge a runaway letter. A year later, the girls reunite to boob it up one more time with a saucy Slumber Party for the ages, only to have their party pooped by the vengeful spirit of their dear departed friend. Trapped by magic, surrounded by evil, and very underdressed; will they survive the night? Or will this Slumber Party become a Slaughterhouse? .. this is a the Kickstarter poster i created for indie film director

Trailer is here:


Halloween is fun , its even more fun when you get asked to create a poster to advertise this really cool home haunt

this was a really fun piece to do .

AMAZON HOT BOX Movie poster

An innocent college student is tossed into a jungle hellhole where she must fight for her life against an evil wardress, psycho inmates, voodoo experiments and the incredible torture machine.

Another gem from the director of Frankenstein created Bikers , this is my 3rd poster art for him.

BananeMetalik poster

Poster artwork I did for the band Banane Metalik


Poster I was commissioned to do by James Bickert director of  FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS

Here is the final version with all the text layout in as well … text layout was done by James Bickert

For more info about the event go here:

Plankface Movie poster

Poster commission for the movie Plankface

More about the movie can be viewed here: