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The Locust goddess

The Locust goddess
she is the goddess of the locust horde, an old design i finally managed to get done, i am still in two minds about her skin tone, I feel it does seem to clash a tiny bit with her armour, oh well for now she is done and will have to be, there are two more painting that need my attention first before i return to her, hopfully she wont lay waste to the world while waiting for me…:>

Paint and foolery

This was a little paint and foolery, i was not really shure where this was heading , so i decided to go abstract and figurative…..enjoy

Playing with paint

Hi All
Just playing around with some piant.

Robo lucha

Hi all
This piece was inspired by luchadores, except that these are luchabots-female wrestling robots, I have a few more of these that I want to paint, I really enjoyed doing this one, the character in the background is “Vulca V”, she will be the next character I want to paint.
I am just in the process of giving her a updated costume.
anyways enjoy

RPG game art

Hi all
been having trouble getting into my blogg, but all seems well now..I think
anyways here is a comissioned piece is did, it is going to be used to promote a RPG Game, as soon as i get a little more info on it i will give out more details about the game.

More 25 min sketches

Hi Agian

here is some more scans from the sketch book, unedited, in thier raw beauty…..enjoy

25min sketches

Hey all
Started a new sketchbook, so here are the first set of drawings from the book, they are quick sketches no longer than 25min, basically using marker,brushpen, anything that i can basically draw with.

Monster portraits

Monsters came from my acrylic paint!

hi all, was fooling around with paint two nights ago and these where the creatures that emerged, there are a few more friends on thier way as well, but these are the first two, unedited digitally except for the cheesy picture frame I put them in.
Acrylic, ink on water colour paper

Grey zombie

Just a quickey to show i have not fallen off the face of the planet…..just been busy