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Space Kitten backboard update

So finally between jobs I have had a chance to finish off the main artwork for the backboard of my Space Kitten mock pinball project.

Next will be the actual cabinet and lights.

Space Kitten Update

So between my main  projects and work I have managed to finish off the pencil art for the back board, the actual board has also been traced so that it can be cut with the CNC machine.

Here is the drawing coming to a end.

This is the drawing scanned in and adjusted with curves, I also created a mask so that once I start to paint up the image the background ( galaxy ) I am going to fog back a bit to make the character stand out more.

Project: SpaceKitten

First off Happy new year 2013!!
Okay so I have been planning this project for some time now, basically I want to build and create the graphics for a pinball machine’s back board, that is the section on a pinball machine that has your score and normally a really cool graphic and lots of lights.

I have found the dimensions for the backboard and I have started the sketch of the main artwork. I am planning to do a few pieces featuring this character Space Kitten , first will be this Pinball head board.
I am going to be posting most of the process of this project.