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Finished Posters

And so here we have the first two posters finished with the final aged look..hope you guys like it, there is more to come

Poster ‘WIP’

Next poster in the making, so here is the basic line work, and my first phase in color, trying to go for a more sci-fi green look on this one, but I want to experiment with lots of complimentry colours, the base colour at the moment is pretty dark, but thats pretty mutch the way I work from dark to light.

jpeg troubles

Sorry I just noticed the jpeg compressed like ass, so sorry for the fuzzyness, I promice to upload a better version soon.

Hand relic effect

Okay so here we go , the final clean version of the poster and a aged version, this is not the final look for the aged version, but just a little experiment on what the aged version could look like…hope you guys like , on to the next poster….

Work process

So now I have started to put down some base tones, and paint in the details.

First Poster

So here is the first line work for one of my upcomming posters Diablo VS the she-wolves.
I will post the progress of this one from start to finish
later CK