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Scream with a open mouth

Scream with a open mouth…..another quicky enjoy

Monster goodness

More monster goodness
one of my doodles from the sketchbook given some colour love.

Photo fun

Hi All
Okay I have been thinking about this for some time and have finally decided I am going to start another section on my blogg called , Found Photo Shenanigans, basically what is it about?.
Its about photos I have found at flea markets, carboot sales etc, I dont know the people all I know is there is something about these images that makes them unique and beautiful, and I want to share that with everybody that loves to visit my blogg, as a bonus, I am going to be sharing my 8mm films as well, alot of these are home movies, weddings , holidays all shot in glorious 8mm, again these are from total strangers, they will take a little longer to get on the blogg beacuse I first have to transferre them digitally then edit and finally get them on the web…..but for now I wish to start off with Found Photo Shenanigans…I hope you guys enjoy this, please let me know whta you think of it….cheers


More gore girl sketches and doodles, enjoy
These are some of the other ideas I have in the works for emy gore girls.

Glorious technicolour

More covers in glorious technicolour

Covers again

More covers, yup I have been busy doing some covers again.

Go Nagai’s…devil man

Just a quick one, in homage to ‘Go Nagai’s…devil man