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Sculpt ‘WIP’

Sculpt updates

Hi All
Here are some more updates on my sculpt, I decided to give her a manta tail, I have also put on her hands and head, the head I might be shifting it a bit back, for the tail I tried something new by using aluminum mesh to create the barb and then coat it with body filler and shape it, must say aluminum mesh is awsome to use very versitile and easy to sand and shape.

Sculpt process

Okay all the shots are up of my figure sculpt-WIP.
Basically I started with a generic wire armature and sculpted the figure in a standard pose, mutch like how the 3d characters are done in thier generic T-pose before they are posed.
Once that was done I made a mould of the body , using RTV Rubber and pulled a cast using Body filler, the same resin used for repairing dents in cars, its sets fast and is very nice to sand and carve.
I then cut up and repose the body and the sculting begins.

Sculpt process pics

Sculpt continued

Progress shots

Hi All
Here are some progress shots from my figure sculpt that I am working on, I will be posting a few more shots of the earlier stages.

Progress shots


Small update
Just these two pieces