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Knee high horror tee-shirt art

Did this teeshirt art for kneehigh horror , those weed plants took forever to draw. I recolored this twice as I was not happy with my original colour choice , but the revised version came out much better.

Sword Succubus of the Steppes

This was a personnel commission I did for a client that wanted a mock film poster for he’s girlfriend, it was a really fun project breaking away from the usual horror themes and trying some dark fantasy .

Because the artwork was a surprise gift  i could not get a modeled pose so i used some internet photo refs and comped together a 2 pose options.

I made two comp options :

Once a comp was chosen and some additional changes were implemented i produced a refined sketch for approval.

Then once the sketch was fleshed out I created the very detailed pencil drawing , that got digitized and coloured in Photoshop. For the font I bought some fonts from really great font at very reasonable prices.

Atomhawk Artbook

Hey everyone, well its finally here Atomhawk the art studio I work for has released our first art book, and I can honestly say its beautiful  the  printing is superb and the book is very well bounded, plus it comes in a handy and sturdy slipcase.

I have included some pics to wet your appetite for this book and here is where you can own this wonderful book.


Mortal Kombat 9

Finally I can show and talk about MortalKombat 9 . I have been working on this project at Atomhawk Studios now for a year and bit , doing the last bit of the work as early as Jan-Feb 2011, it has been a awesome project and a great fun to be part of.

I picked up a copy of the game on Saturday and its a great feeling to see the work finally come full circle.

Here are a few picks of the concepts I did, there are a ton more but I first have to get permission to show those, but hey why not buy the art book it has basically all the concept art in there, anyways enjoy.

Warfear Artygoodness

The kind folks of Warfear have been keeping me busy making them all types of cool ghoulish art for thier up comming CD release.
In keeping with the theme of Return of the living dead here are some more pieces I did for the cd interior and back


HI All
I have been doing some high detail renders at work for the last two weeks, and so I thought I would do try something a little different to my usual style of rendering for my own art.
I have always loved the full door size poster of Vampirella so I decided I would make one of the same format, I did take a few liberties with her costume.
I wanted to show her resting or waking from a very basic wooden coffin with a sexy vampire look, that says “come to me my human sheep I want your blood”
I also decided to ditch the boots, I mean who goes to sleep with thier shoes on, so thats why she has not yet got her boots on.

Warfear’s New CD cover art

So here is a new commission artwork from the band Warfear for a CD cover of thier upcomming EP.

The theme was a take on left for dead , but adding the band members as the undead.

I decided to go for a sort of EC style comic look, but a little more updated so less halftone and more intense colour in the image and the use of textures as well.

I used halftone more extensively on the backdrop buildings and alleyway beacuse I wanted the zombies to be the focus of the piece.

To break the composistion up a bit as well and make it less centralised I made the creatures look and point outwards. 

You can find more on Warfear here

DarkHarvest is almost here

So I have been working with creator/writer Iain Lowson on his epic gothic-horror Darkharvest and here is a peek at the final cover artwork I did for him, I must say it has been a awsome experiance working with Iain.

A few bits and bops

Here are a few images that I have been doing some for fun, others just art studies and the Staceytron poster was for a fellow fan on Deviant art.

The Visitor

Another Monster portrait, ‘The Visitor’, he looks dangerous but actually he means no harm only curious to study us humans.

I have a few more in the works, its been a bit slow getting them out, but things should start to speed up soon.