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Halloween is fun , its even more fun when you get asked to create a poster to advertise this really cool home haunt

this was a really fun piece to do .

BananeMetalik poster

Poster artwork I did for the band Banane Metalik

Injustice Gods among us…Red son Grundy

I have been working on the Injustice project for some time now over at Atomhawk, and one of the side projects within the  project was the Red Son exclusive content, Myself and two other vey talented  artists Tim Hill and Roberto Castro, were each placed in charge of creating the promo art for Superman, Wonder Woman and Grundy.

So finally I can show the promo art I did for Soloman Grundy, turning him into a fallen hero of the Soviet war Machine.

Here is a pic of the pack art :

Red son Trailer:

Visit the website

Info on the Red Son exclusive:

Website was down. but were baaack!

Some server shenanigans had my website down for a while , but its all sorted out for NOW!

This is why I do what I do…and love it!

How freaking awesome is this. Big thanks to Joshua Cassity for hounding me to make this poster and the payoff is beyond awesome. I grew up loving this film as a kid never to think in a million years one day I would recreate the poster and have the actual  actors see it and sign it. Thanks again Joshua you made my week.


A friend of mine has started a pretty cool blogg detailing the visual development of a aftermath world, lots of nice visuals, so keep coming back for more.

Click here for mutant madness and survivors of a nuclear nightmare

New Warfear WIP

So here are is a sneek peek at the new Warfear artwork.

The scanned pencil artwork, I basically pump up the white and black contrast.

Then I combine the pencil work with  old paper texture to have a surface to start painting on.

Now I start to lay down the basic colour wash over the entire image to establish the overall tone to the artwork

Details of the painting in progress…stay tuned for more updates

Ilsa wallpaper Uncencored

Uncencored version

Back up and running

Been a slow lately, had a major computer meltdown, but everything is returning to normal slowly, so expect some posts to start appearing again.

Big Thanks

I would like to thank a very good friend of mine Andre Jacobs. For helping me get my site up again after the server was hacked or somthing to that effect.
I owe you a beer for this one THANKS AJ!!
So at last the posting can begin again, and this time around it going to be posting with a vengance, so be prerared for some serious rentina rash!!
Corlen Kruger aka Wacom Zombie