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New Warfear WIP

So here are is a sneek peek at the new Warfear artwork.

The scanned pencil artwork, I basically pump up the white and black contrast.

Then I combine the pencil work with  old paper texture to have a surface to start painting on.

Now I start to lay down the basic colour wash over the entire image to establish the overall tone to the artwork

Details of the painting in progress…stay tuned for more updates


So here is the details to this crazy cool competition.

I decided to go with the poster design of ‘DRACULA’S HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN’.
After reading the brief, I decided to make a poster like the old hammer House of horrors movie posters- in the poster they would try to tell a bit of the story.
So in my version I have the werewolf ‘WALDEMAR DRACUL’ in the final battle with ‘KHLAREE’ the evil sorcerer, I wanted to create the feeling of who? is going to win, will the werewolf be rid of his curse forever or will Khlaree stab him in the heart with the silver dagger forged from the banks of the Nile.
BIANCA, is my third character- a mysterious gypsy, in the poster I wanted to give her appearance of a weaver of fates.

SO here is the final artwork

And here is a inspiration board I made, to help spark ideas for when I was creating the final piece, some of the elements you might notce like the pattern motif an the background.

Vanessa Lake Poster Competition

This is my entry for the competition on deviant art.

The premise of the competion is to make a artwork using Vanessa Lake as the subject matter and is totally open to intrepretation.

This is my submission for the IspyVanessaLake competition that is been hosted by fellow deviant *Attache.
I wanted to try to combine a sort of burlesque show poster with a sort of strip-o-rama.
I really enjoyed doing this Vanessa Lake is an amazing model, I can see why she is so popular.

Ilsa wallpaper Uncencored

Uncencored version

Ilsa Wallpaper for your enjoyment

A fellow deviant artist ask me if I could make a wallpaper from the Ilsa poster, so I decided to do it in a large format so that it could fit most monitor resolutions.

So here for everybodies download enjoyment Ilsa Tigress of  Siberia Wallpaper.