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Sausage Rides

Sausage what you ask?  Well I can really explain it I just made this doodle one day and decided I wanted to finish it. So its pretty random

Droopy Eye

Had this sketch floating around for a bit.

‘This Island Earth’

This was a quick ink sketch of the Metaluna alien from ‘This Island Earth’.
I had no reference of the alien and drew just from memory, hence the sleek look, it looksmore like something from Kamen rider..LOL
But I decided to give it a quick colour treatment anyways and make it look like a insert in a comic book or something.

Alien from 'This Island Earth'

Sketchbook sketches

Killer clowns

Quick doodles and Killer clowns from space..enjoy


Some more thumbnails and killer clowns from space…enjoy

Sketchbook Doodles

Doctor Insector

Almost forgot
Doctor Insector

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts
Hi all, here are some more creature designs and doodles, hope you like.

Poster and sketches

HI All
Well I have been really busy, so sorry for the delay in posts on my blog, so here are a few sketches of another poster in progress (just the main character for now) and a character that I want to do in a few pin-up style illustrations, if I am happy with how she developes I might also consider doing a poster for her.