Archive for March, 2014

Coffin Joe Cover artwork

Here is the final version of the Coffin Joe artwork . This was a really fun project to do.

Coffin Joe LP cover update

Here is a work in progress shot of the colouring stage.

CD cover sketch in progress for DirtyGrim

This is going to be a wrap around cover , here is the first sketch from my initial rough draft, I might still change and add stuff before I settle on the final design.

Banane Metalik Poster WIP

I am currently working up a poster for Benane Metalik , I am trying something different this time, instead of doing a detailed drawing and scanning it in , I decided to do a tonal painting first and use that as the basis of the poster to then work it up in photoshop, this way I can capture some of the painterly effects hopefully , well lets see how it progresses.