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Diabloletta finished!

Hi All
Well here we have a finished version of Diabloletta, enjoy

Next posters inspiration

Okay so I was thinking I will share the process of my next poster, so the next one if you could not guess already from the pics, is ‘Night of the bloody ape’, I have been wanting to do this one for a while, but I am going to be making a few changes, first, the wrestling babes are going to be my focus on this piece, I almost want them to be the center of attraction, and the mutant man monkey the secondary attraction.
So next I will be posting some of the very rough pencils sketches and doodles and then some of the more refined pencil sketches, you will also see how the refined pencils change from the original roughs, sometimes its beacuse I found a better pose or the layout just works better, anyways check back later this week for rough doodles and sketches….cheers

Lucha ‘wip’

Oh yes the lucha is back, I have a whole bunch of ideas for a series of posters i want to do featuring my main character from the very first poster ‘diablo vs the shewolfs’, I call her Diabloletta…
Anyways here is one of the costumes I am playing with, its only a work in progress,she will change costumes per poster but they will all have a similar look plus soon i will show off her arch rival dark diablo..:)

Latest Poster ‘The horrible sexy vampire’

Wowzers, been a while, I know, but I have been busy, so this time I am going to try to keep is more regular….hmmmm lets see.
Anyways first up, new poster ‘the horrible sexy vampire’ the title does come from a exsisting movie , but I have totally changed the context portayed in the poster.
I have been planning this one for a while I will put up some of the doodles and sketches I made before I settled on the final layout.
hope you guys enjoy….plus I have a whole bunch of other stuff to put up as well.