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Sketchbook grey

Hi All
Sorry for the late post, but here are some more pages from my sketch book…enjoy
Most of these pieces were done using a black ball point pen, then after the sketch I used matt black sray paint and lightly speckeld the page, somtimes I had to re-sketch the drawing beacuse the spray would cover up to mutch detail, then to finish it off I used white and grey gauge paint to add highlights.

Sketchbook full

Hi all

Well my sketchbook is pretty mutch full, there are still a few pages that I am currently redoing, but as promiced here are the first few pages scanned in.

The sketchbook is pretty mutch mixed medium, so visit every two days or so as I will be posting the entire sketchbook.



Hi All
Okay super quick post…vamplord.

70’s sketch

Hi everybody
Almost finished with my sketchbook, so prepare for a massive post real soon, but for now here is a scan from my sketch book, done in acrylic, i also gave it a bit of digital treatment, the girl is from a 70’s mens magazine, i liked the pose and thought it would be a nice study to work from.

Hills have eyes…sculpt

Hi All
This weekend was a art blast for me, was painting, drawing and even sculpting the whole weekend.
I created this little sucker inspired by the movie hills have eyes, basically he was done in two stages, i first sculpted the head which was supported on a wire armature, baked the head when I was done then did the base and blended that into the neck of the character.
Then i baked the whole sculpt as one piece again in the oven, i used super sculpy to the sculpture and acrylics for the paint work.
here are some pics, not the best ever but they will do for now, the sculpture is about 10cm high
well enjoy.