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Dear God No!…hell yes!

New project on the start , the director James Bickert has commissioned me to create a special wrap around cover for a DVD/VHS release of

‘Dear God No’. I am super excited to do some art for this film

What I want to achieve with this cover is a snapshot in the life of these badass bikers known as the ‘Impalers’ , its all about bikes, violence, beer, sex and drugs and lots of it too. Hence I decided to make the main character almost larger than life with his gun pointing at the viewer saying basically ‘you are next’

Here is the start of the pencil art for the wrap around cover.

To see more about this film go here:

Murder Murder Kill Kill Artwork

This is a commissioned piece I did for horror-rapper Necro. The idea was to create a cover that looked like a old 70’s LP.

Necro gave me freedom on the actual concept of the image I really enjoyed doing this cover.