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Miss LucySin Pinup

Just felt like doing a fun pin-up, I call her Miss Lucysin
Thats all….Enjoy

Warfear Babydeath CD wraparound cover

This is a wrap around CD cover I have just finished for Warfear, it is a pretty grim scene, but this was my clients brief.
The pregnant woman with a baby zombie that has busted out.
Instead of the usual zombies I wanted to incorporate more mutant like zombies. I was thinking of Planet Terror for inspiration.

Sorry if this image is a bit of a stomach turner.

For more on the band go here:

Diaboletta Sculpt

This is a bit different from my usual shenanigans, but I wanted to make a sculpt of my Lucha Character for some time now.
This was a long project I started by first sculpting a generic female body in castilene wax.
From there I sculpted the character.
The final piece is cast in urathane resin white and painted with acrylic model paints.

I had fun doing this, but it took a while to get it done.
I still have the base to make, that the character will be secured to.