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Easter Casket – update teasers

The painted background has worked out really well , I was a bit concerned at first when I placed my pencil art over it as they where just black and white on this lush deep red backdrop, but once I started to drop in some colour and work up the image , everything started to settle in really nicely.

Here are two teaser images of the poster work in progress.

Easter Casket Poster WIP

Here is my next project that has been on the go now , its for a new film by Dustin mills

You can visit the home page here :

original comp ideas for the poster

So here is the sketch for the poster in progress.

I decide I wanted to created a nice textured backdrop , because I have a crucifix as part of the design I decided I will paint it into the backdrop and then fit my pencil to the painted backdrop.

This was the process to create the backdrop.

Gravity Ponds Poster Instraments of Torture

I was asked by the producer of this Australian Rap group to do a poster for them called Instruments of Torture. The idea I came up with was to have some sort of demonic chick riding a skull and using all sort of music instruments to torture the poor dude at the bottom of the image.

Here is the group website :

Tennessee Murder Club

The guys form TMC asked me to do a wraparound cover for them. They gave me lots of free reign as to what I could do to the rest of the image, this was really fun tapping into the dark void for inspiration.

For samples of the music head over here and have your ears murdered :

Dear God No! Done!

Another fun project wrapped up for non other than James Bickert the Director of  Dear God No! This was a really fun piece to do as I was given allot of freedom. I have also been given permission to do a limited poster run as well so look out for those, the posters will be hand silk screened like my other posters, but it will also have a Impalers approved stamp on the print as well , as if the Impalers themselves give this print the thumbs up.

And Here is the final poster artwork tadaaaaa:

And this is the wrap around cover artwork:

Website :

This is why I do what I do…and love it!

How freaking awesome is this. Big thanks to Joshua Cassity for hounding me to make this poster and the payoff is beyond awesome. I grew up loving this film as a kid never to think in a million years one day I would recreate the poster and have the actual  actors see it and sign it. Thanks again Joshua you made my week.