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A little teaser

Here is a  teaser for a artwork that I am working on for a good client of mine…..cant say too much now đŸ™‚

Car Decal Pin Up

I designed this car decal for my work (Atomhawk Design). It is for a charity rally that we are doing ,  the car is going to be decorated to look like WW2 bomber and it needed a sexy lady to finish it off , I cant wait to see how the car is going to look once its done.

Old frame some paint and a new look

I have this old frame and one of my paintings that I did at a Sunday art jam. So a bit of paint and some weathering effects on the frame , made the perfect picture frame for this picture . Now I need to hang this damn thing on the wall and not balance it on my turntable.

Dead Wake Chapter One: Hunger for Revenge eBook Cover Art

Another piece of art work I have been doing for the folks over at Ultra Pro.

Here s some of the cool merch that has already been done with this project…I so need one of those play mats they look awesome.