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Skare final cover art

Here it is finally, my first comishioned dvd cover for, I created the dvd cover and two menu screens, my first bit of gore art, also go check out thier cool little flash page for the film on thier website its really neat.

2 covers

HI All
Here are another two covers for your viewing pleasure, enjoy

DVD custom covers

Hi Everybody
Sorry for the last posts I have just been very busy, but trust me when you guys see what I have planned the wait will have been well worth it, anyways here are some covers I have been working on…enjoy

Custom cover artworks

More custom covers

DVD covers continued

More cover fun

Big update

Hi All
Okay big update, here are some of the dvd covers I had done over my december break, I have cropped them so its just the front cover….enjoy

Mexican Video nasty

Mexican Video nasty…Ultimate rape..This is the DVD cover artwork I created for this rare gem, the title sounds really extreme but the movie is pretty mutch a rape revenge flick.
cheers CK

ZDD Logo

The website that I do all the dvd covers for has asked me to knock up a logo for them, based on a design I did for one of the dvd covers, so here is the logo idea, with variations..enjoy