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Pro Photos

Pro Photos

A friend of mine was kind enough to take some professional photos of my maquette sculpture.
Big thnaks to Oliver Hilbert, you can see some of his amazing pics on fliker.

Final Frame

So here is the final pirate in his picture frame

Pirate portrait

So here is my final pirate portrait, he still just needs a pisture frame I will do that tommorow.
Hope you like

Pirate portrait ‘WIP’

Hi all
Working on a small pirate challenge over at, so this is my pirate WIP.


Sculpt ‘WIP’

Crazy female creature

Hi Everybody
I have been working on a sculpture inspired by the crazy female creature torso’s that I have been drawing so mutch.
So here are the pics from the very early stages of sulpting, then canging the pose by cutting the sculpture apart, reshaping it, then on to the final touches, paint and display…hope you enjoy.

Random photos


Hi All
Here is another weeks blast from the past with photo finds…hope you enjoy
I am off to the fleamarket on Saturday to see if I can find some more goodies to share….will keep you guys posted.

Creature features