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Shock Monster

This was a collaborated effort between myself and Justin Mabry, a very talented sculpter and maskmaker.

So we decided that , needed a new fresh look and I wanted the Shockmonster to be a star of the show, so I created a spoof movie poster based on the shockmonster mask.

I also decided to re-shuffle the poster to fit my longposter format as well, as they are slowly becomming my signature pieces.

Here are the different versions of the Shock monster poster…Enjoy.

Ilsa Tigress of Siberia

Being a massive fan of the Ilsa series, I decide to do a take on Ilsa Tigress of Siberia.

What I wanted to do with this was to create a more pinup based poster and create a image thats a literal representaion of the the movie’s title.

I also wanted to incorporate the old style of cencorship by playcing stars over the acressse’s nipples on the poster.

Here is the original movie poster:

Here is my poster version as well as the long format version of the poster.


HI All
I have been doing some high detail renders at work for the last two weeks, and so I thought I would do try something a little different to my usual style of rendering for my own art.
I have always loved the full door size poster of Vampirella so I decided I would make one of the same format, I did take a few liberties with her costume.
I wanted to show her resting or waking from a very basic wooden coffin with a sexy vampire look, that says “come to me my human sheep I want your blood”
I also decided to ditch the boots, I mean who goes to sleep with thier shoes on, so thats why she has not yet got her boots on.

Warfear’s New CD cover art

So here is a new commission artwork from the band Warfear for a CD cover of thier upcomming EP.

The theme was a take on left for dead , but adding the band members as the undead.

I decided to go for a sort of EC style comic look, but a little more updated so less halftone and more intense colour in the image and the use of textures as well.

I used halftone more extensively on the backdrop buildings and alleyway beacuse I wanted the zombies to be the focus of the piece.

To break the composistion up a bit as well and make it less centralised I made the creatures look and point outwards. 

You can find more on Warfear here

Get your dancing shoes on

Just found these two great 8-Tracks at the market , I could not resist.

‘This Island Earth’

This was a quick ink sketch of the Metaluna alien from ‘This Island Earth’.
I had no reference of the alien and drew just from memory, hence the sleek look, it looksmore like something from Kamen rider..LOL
But I decided to give it a quick colour treatment anyways and make it look like a insert in a comic book or something.

Alien from 'This Island Earth'

Vinatage Record sleeve cover

Found this little gem at the market, just loved the design and use of colour.

I think is was free gift with a magazine of some sorts.