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Dead Wake play mat in the works

Here is a few teaser images from the new project that I am busy with for the folks over at Ultrapro.


Zombie Update 03

Here is the first of the three zombie girl sleeve images completed :

The second one in progress:

Zombie Sleeves Update 02

So the first of the three paintings is getting very close to finish, I have a few more bits to complete some colour balancing to do and to add some ambient effects like a glow on the lamp and some fog etc.

Zombie Sleeves Update 01

Here is a quick screen grab of  the zombie girls images I am working on, I have started to add the detail to the first painting and I am slowly taking it to colour tone I set out for the image , I still need to add more blue into the scene , but that will come as the painting progresses. The zombie girl is still very clean but as the painting progresses she will get more decay added to her.

Scene two  I have started to block out the backdrop.

Zombie Sleeves for Ultrapro

The nice folks at Ultrapro have asked me to create 3 zombie themed sleeves for them.

So these were the rough comps I created focusing more just on a main zombie character , for the 3 images I want to create 3 different types on infected zombie , for example supernatural, Virus infection and mutant type .

For each of the images the client has chosen a colour theme, so these are very rough mock-ups just to illustrate the colour theme of each one, of course when I do the actual artwork there will still be the base colour of the image and the colour theme will be added to that .

So here I have started to work up the backdrop for the first image , its just a rough block out at the moment , I also dropped the zombie girl back in so I can see if she fits with the image. The next phase now is to start the detail work on the back drop.

Please go visit ultrapro to see some of their awesome products: