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Surprise project for HALLOWEEN

I am currently working on a project I would like to launch beginning October, currently I have a ton of other paid jobs I need to address first , but if all goes as plan I might be able to pull this off as well.

Here are a few teaser images

I cant really say too much now, as I am trying my very best to deliver on this idea, lets see what happens

Ghoulish Pinup

I just felt like doing a pinup…… that’s all 🙂


Dark Harvest Resistance Cover art

So Iain Lowson a very talented writer and good friend commissioned me to create the 2nd book cover for his dark Gothic RPG Dark Harvest, thsi was really great to work on Iain gave me lots of freedom on the cover.

You can find out more about the dark world here:

and once you have been blown away by its awesomeness become a friend of it here :

Its so nice to be part of projects that people put their harts and souls into.

So here is the progress of the image from my early thumbnail sketches.