Fags in the Fast Lane

Been a while since my last update , reason is I had a hard drive fail and a bunch of work that I wanted to share online is gone now. But saying that its time for some new goodies so here we go:

This poster was designed for a coming feature created by Josh Collins the director, known for Pervirella (1997) and Dante’s Cove (2005). It was a blast doing this poster , big thanks to Josh.

These were the proposed thumbs , after I had read the synopsis for the film a pretty solid idea for the composition pop into my head that I wanted to play with.

After a couple of tweaks it was onto drawing up the detailed pencil version of the artwork , I drew the final piece on tracing paper , the reason for this each element was drawn separately so that if I needed to move elements around in Photoshop to further balance the composition I could do that.

Final digitally coloured version, I also could not resist doing a worn out version.

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