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Garth Manor Drive in Massacre Poster

Poster I did for Garth Manor Cinema , wanted to do something that really pops so I chose to go with a sort of comic book style illustration

Here are the original rough layouts

Then the revised layout of the chosen composition .

The final artwork:

Visit them here :

Frankenstein Created Bikers Poster artwork

So now I can show the poster artwork I did for Frankenstein created Bikers

My goal with the poster was to capture the action and excitement like the old 80’s VHS action video covers.

Info on the movie can be found here:

So here is the first comps I did for the poster layout , I kept them small so i could concentrate on layout and prevent myself from getting stuck on details.

Once the preferred layout was chosen I then produced a rough revised comp/layout

Then the process started of detail work , I did a complete black and white tonal value painting first, this way I could make sure the elements on the image popped the way I wanted them too:

Final colour version with text and with out text , I also added allot of looser bold brush strokes to create the sense of action and movement, this is something new to me as my work is normally very stiff and static.

Finally a massive thanks to James Bickert for letting me work on this awesome project

Rene Bond in Dont eat Rene

This was my second poster I was working up for the cancelled custom culture art show.

Sneaky peeks

Here is a little sneak peek of a poster I am working on for the French metal band Banane Métalik

For some audio goodness get their latest LP here:

Fags in the Fast Lane

Been a while since my last update , reason is I had a hard drive fail and a bunch of work that I wanted to share online is gone now. But saying that its time for some new goodies so here we go:

This poster was designed for a coming feature created by Josh Collins the director, known for Pervirella (1997) and Dante’s Cove (2005). It was a blast doing this poster , big thanks to Josh.

These were the proposed thumbs , after I had read the synopsis for the film a pretty solid idea for the composition pop into my head that I wanted to play with.

After a couple of tweaks it was onto drawing up the detailed pencil version of the artwork , I drew the final piece on tracing paper , the reason for this each element was drawn separately so that if I needed to move elements around in Photoshop to further balance the composition I could do that.

Final digitally coloured version, I also could not resist doing a worn out version.

Witch Ride

Just wanted to do this  for some time now

Here is the development sketches I did:

The very first rough idea :

I scanned that in and cleaned up the sketch , by redrawing it digitally. I also played around with adding text in the back ground.

I then printed this out and did a rough pencil sketch adding my additional details:

I still was not sold on the text , problem was that the artwork was covering allot of the text and I was concerned that it would not be readable. So in the final artwork I figured to go for a more traditional comic book layout.

15th Annual Drive-Invasion Poster

Did this poster to promote the 15th annual drive-Invasion. if you are in the area go check it out , live bands , food etc and of course The Mad Doctor of Blood Island on the big screen projected from the original prints , that is totally BAD-ASS AWESOMENESS.

More info here:

Jungle Girl final artwork

So this is the final artwork , ready to go to be silkscreen.

This is the stages to creating the artwork.

Pencil art

Pencil art is scanned into photoshop the blue lines removed by doing level adjustments , I then also add my additional text and make sure the image remains balanced and nothing is out of place.

First pass colour work , this is done mainly as flat colors, I drew inspiration from old comic books for their vibrant use of colour, I wanted this poster to pop.  After I had  got all the basic colour work in and was satisfied I then duplicated my original cleaned up pencil art and added it as a multiply layer to darken the lines and to bring the image back to looking like a panel from a comic book.

Then last bit of work was straight forward coloring and final adjustments. JOB DONE!

Jungle girl Logo Art

This is how I created the logo on the jungle girl poster. I roughly sketched/traced it onto tracing paper and using pigment pens and ink and brush I created the logo. I scanned it in separate and combined the logo and the final pencil artwork in photoshop , then proceeded to do all the colour work.

PinUp Doll on Ice … Final Poster

So normally there would be a few posts as I develop and complete a poster project , but deadlines and a few changes meant I had to put this one into hyper drive and get it done in time.

So here it is the final poster for the slasher film PinUp dolls on Ice. Thanks again to Geoff Klein for having me work on this project.

IMDB page here: