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Warfear-T-shirt Commision

This artwork was commisioned by the band Warfear, thier brief was for me to take Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate factory and turn it into a ghoulish nightmare.
The art work is going to be used for a black and white T-shirt print.

This is the revised version

I was curious to see what it could look like in colour so this is what I came up with

You can check out Warfrear here

Dance Mecabre

I wanted to try somthing a little different here, basicaly its still the same B-Movie poster format that I use.
But what I wanted to try this time, is a combination of classical horror comics and pin-ups combined.
So this one is my first test run, I took the idea from a old eerie comic and then added all my goodies to it, to create Dance Mecabre.

Here is a closeup on the linework, scanned in at 300DPI I used brightness and contrast to create the very deep lines

Then adding a multiply layer I painted under the line work to keep the ‘comic book feel’

Till later

DarkHarvest is almost here

So I have been working with creator/writer Iain Lowson on his epic gothic-horror Darkharvest and here is a peek at the final cover artwork I did for him, I must say it has been a awsome experiance working with Iain.

Female Nude study

Decided to do a life study, found this really nice photo to work from.
What I liked about the photo was that it was taken out side so there was lots of hard shadows and warm highlights, I kept the chair in as well to ground the figure more and place her in some sort of setting even though the background is abstract, this was something that was missing from my previous pin-ups , no props so it was hard to place the figure as to where they are in the scene.

Staceytron Club Poster

I did this for a fellow fan on Deviant art

A few bits and bops

Here are a few images that I have been doing some for fun, others just art studies and the Staceytron poster was for a fellow fan on Deviant art.

Back up and running

Been a slow lately, had a major computer meltdown, but everything is returning to normal slowly, so expect some posts to start appearing again.