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Art mojo

Hi All
Oh man it finally sems like my art mojo is comming back, tried this artwork yesterday and got totally sucked into it , I could not stop, I have not had one of those experiances in long time, I hope there will be more…..well enjoy

DVD cover creations

So here are a few more of dvd cover creations, I thought I might share….

Unholy horror

House of death

Golden Girl

Beast in the lake

The snake queen

Andre is the cover art…..enjoy

First covers

So here is the first of my dvd covers, this little jem is called the snake queen, bare in mind that finding any images or refernce material besides info on these movies is very difficult and almost non-exsistant, so thats where my skill comes in, taking screen grabs and then comming up with a cool and creative cover….sometimes its easy other times I have a hard time comming up with just the right image, but its always fun and a challange.
If you want to order any of thses cool and crazy forgotten movies go to the website……
Thier service is excellent and very fast….and always updating with amazing gems.

Hey whats this?

Another quickie from the sketch book, plus I have decide to show you guys and girls what other project I am busy with when I am not drawing or painting, the world of the dvd cover for lost and forgotten movies, so check back a little later in the week as I start to post them up.
cheers C.

Race queen

I have been working on this one on and off, but I think I am tired of it, and its time to move onto a new piece, so here is Race queen thunder.