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Doodle my hair

Hi all
Just a quick doodle I started in Painter and finished off in Photoshop, I still need to build up more confidence to work only in Painter.

Big eyes

A Small sketch I had floating around in my sketchbook, decided to give her a little digital treatment, but I wanted to keep her inquisitiveness look she had in the original pencil drawing, I want to try to do more stuff like this but its hard knowing the undead is knocking on the door in the back of my mind……enjoy

Red and pregnant

Hi again
I have been working on this one on and off during lunch times, but its still a WIP, but I thought I will post it for now and come back to it later again as I want to change the background and add some more things……….enjoy


just a quick lunch time noodle……:()

Chainsaw Massacre

Hi All
Been inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I figured it was about time to do a little homage, I figured that after Leatherface lost his arm ( ref to the first remake of Texas chansaw massacre) he replaced it with a prosthetic limb he had laying about from one of his previous victims.

Panaoramic toys

Hey all

A couple of months ago I got myself a new digital camera and while messing around with all the features, I came across the panoramic function…total “awsomeness”, so I took a panaoramic picture of my toys and crap that I have been collecting, the picture is not brilliant, but what the heck!

Red death

This is one of my personel favorites, Red Death, he is the psyco version of grim reaper

Poker face

Here is a pic of poker face, he was inspired by a corn bugs song called Poker face….DUH!

Swamp man

Hi All
Dug up some stuff from my hard drive, and came across this little jem Plantman, he is pretty mutch like the swamp thing….uh thats all i can think of now..anyways enjoy

Wierd highlights

I quickly went over this scan with a bit of photoshop during lunch….thats all.