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PinUp Doll on Ice … Final Poster

So normally there would be a few posts as I develop and complete a poster project , but deadlines and a few changes meant I had to put this one into hyper drive and get it done in time.

So here it is the final poster for the slasher film PinUp dolls on Ice. Thanks again to Geoff Klein for having me work on this project.

IMDB page here:

PinUp Dolls on Ice

Currently working up the poster for this slasher film this is a fun project and I am really excited to be working on this, the trailer looks really cool . check out the trailer here:

and the IMDB page here:

So here are the comps i came up with for the poster

Like the poster for Easter Casket I decided to create a painted texture backdrop it has worked really well so I am hoping to achieve the same effect again.

Here is a first peek at the poster been painted up in photoshop.