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Blast Off Girl

This was one of my pieces that I lost back in 2015 due to hard drive failure, luckily I had the pencil art, so I deiced to re-scan and repaint the artwork from scratch, I just wanted to finish this piece. So now its done.

New wave Traci

I am working up a series of posters / artworks for a custom culture art show , for my submission I am doing poster based on actresses from the adult industry, either be film or magazines whatever. But for the artworks i want to make them sexy but not sleazy so there in lies the challenge for me . For the look of the pieces I want to go for very bold colours and line art , and the final printed piece I want to simulate large halftone print dots.

Here is my first piece , this was also the test piece for the format of the artwork.

Here is a look at the pencil art, the text was done in 3D and comped together in photoshop.

Close up look at the full res image , to see the halftone effect i want to achieve.

Banane Metalik The Gorefarther

Cover wrap around artwork I did for the awesome band Banane Metalik , This piece was created entirely digitally.

They are a real great bunch of guys to work with. I have also added some links here if anybody want to hear and see more of their music. Enjoy

Zombie Holocaust LP Cover

This project was going to be for Death Waltz Records releasing a special extended soundtrack for Zombie Holocaust, bit unfortunately the project never made it to final, so I finally decided to share the cover art I did for this.

Here are the original rough comps:

Once the desired design was chosen I did the detailed pencil art:

What I then decided to do is once i scanned my original pencil art in ( as back up – in case I screw it up in this next step) I took my airbrush and sprayed some tones into the pencil art and used white paint to pop out some of the details:

Once scanned in I started the digital painting process, i worked in a sort of anti clockwise manner , no real reason for working like that , just happened that way. My first pass was to lay down basic colour on a multiply layer , once that was done i moved onto painting in all the details:

And final colour balanced piece ….

Haunted House tee-shirt Final Artwork

This was the final artwork for the Haunted house Tee -shirt.

Time for some sweet audio love

Did this I artwork a while ago for Necro’s new song in development  ( I guess the image says it all. :)

Till later

Zombie Tee work in progress

I started laying down some base colours for this artwork.

DirtyGrim CD front and back cover art

I did this one a while ago.

A little teaser

Here is a  teaser for a artwork that I am working on for a good client of mine…..cant say too much now :)

Dead Wake Chapter One: Hunger for Revenge eBook Cover Art

Another piece of art work I have been doing for the folks over at Ultra Pro.

Here s some of the cool merch that has already been done with this project…I so need one of those play mats they look awesome.