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OCTOBER SHADOWS , Happy Halloween V2 art entry 2011

This flyer was created by the awesome William Basso.

I finally got into October Shadows art show, which takes place this Sunday in L.A. at the Mountain View Mausoleum where they filmed Phantasm. This is a great honor for me as I have always wanted to be in this show.

So the inspiration for my art piece was to do a sequel image to my original Happy Halloween image , the story here is the succubus has resurrected the  evil candy corns and controls them with the jack-o-lantern. I wanted to try a fun approach this time, but still keeping some elements that I liked from the first image.

You can also buy a Litho print now of this artwork, check out the images for details on this print. PLUS the store button is working now, it will take you straight to Etsy, so its happy shopping time.

Here is a bit of detail info on the poster print :

The artwork was a pencil sketched and digitally coloured.

Each print ships with a handmade  and painted Strangle doll resin figure , he is featured in the image held by one of the candy corns.

Each poster is signed and stamp numbered.

The posters are Litho press printed on Curious Metal paper, the litho inks really bring out the metallic sheen of the paper. ( see the detailed images)

Dimensions are H 24.8 X W 16.5 inches  /  42cm X 63 cm.

Each poster is rolled and shipped in a sturdy postal tube.

Thankyou everybody and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Ormon Grimsby Halloween Hullabaloo

Hi there folks, well it sure has been busy times for me with tons of fun projects on the go. One of those projects is for Ormon Grimsby’s Halloween Hullabaloo, I was asked to do a retro style poster featuring some of Ormon’s characters for his  show info on the show can be found here :

So here is a modified version of the image I made for him for the website:

And this is the Poster , the text will be done by Ormon , so he only wanted the artwork, but when I designed this artwork I used some place holder text to design the image around that. The idea behind the poster is Southern Culture is been chased by the Space prince ( evil looking skeleton dude) and his minions , but Ormon comes to the rescue by building a remote controlled Santo to help save Southern Culture ….GO SANTO!