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Old frame some paint and a new look

I have this old frame and one of my paintings that I did at a Sunday art jam. So a bit of paint and some weathering effects on the frame , made the perfect picture frame for this picture . Now I need to hang this damn thing on the wall and not balance it on my turntable.

RedDevil Sunday Artjam

So Sunday afternoons I spend with my buddy Anton doing some art jams , mostly just talking crap and drawing painting whatever, so yesterday I just painted this little red devil, he was actually suppose to be more magenta/pink but came out red by the time I was done with this. Acrylic on canvas paper

Ink Brush Sketches

Hey all

There has been alot of activity lately, hence my site not getting the TLC it needs, but as things start to become more managable I will once again start posting more regulary.

Here are some brush pen sketching that I did , I have been getting into this alot more.

Quick paints

Hi All
Okay couple of quick paints , sketches, digital doodles etc…
as always enjoy

Creatures and Aliens

Random digital doodelings

Hi all
Just some random digital doodelings, hope you enjoy

Messing around

Sitting lady
Here is the first poster style colour test, more to come…

The Big red One

The Big red One
Just a quick paint sketch doodle…..enjoy

Sketchbook paint

Here is another sketch book image , I have been playing around with incorpirating text into the image, its still early days but lets see what happens, nest update I will be posting more dvd covers i have done
Later CK

Sketchbook painting

So I am currently trying a few different appraoches to my sketchbook painting style, here is my latest attempt as well as my most succesful up to date, I want to start makes spoof movie posters but in the long italian style format, well lets see what happens, for now here is the mystic bannana….CK