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Custom cover artworks

More custom covers

DVD covers continued

More cover fun

Big update

Hi All
Okay big update, here are some of the dvd covers I had done over my december break, I have cropped them so its just the front cover….enjoy

Messing around

Sitting lady
Here is the first poster style colour test, more to come…

Sitting lady

Sitting lady
Early sketches on a pin-up I am working on, there will be two versions, so here is the sketches…enjoy

ZDD Valentines header

Final Colours

So here is the final coloured version of the franken hooker, and her placed in the banner as well…enjoy


Hi all, busy with a small animated banner for ZDD, so here is the original sketch doodle and then the final line work that I had to re-adjust, I will post up the colour version soon, and then the final banner