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Hi All
Done this quickie in Z-Brush and then finished it off in Photoshop…hope you enjoy

Comrade cosmonaught

Hi there
Here is a character I have been working on in my spare time…comrade cosmonaught..’he makes glorious spacetravel for mother russia’
well enjoy

Lunchtime doodles

Here are some random lunchtime doodles and abstract thoughts…oh and a bug
well enjoy

Crazy DVD covers

Hi All
Well back on to doing some crazy DVD covers, for movies I didnt even know existed, and I wanted to just share a few of these jems, there is a whole bunch I have done but these are a few of my favorites..well I hope you enjoy.
PS I have a few more crazy demented girl artworks that I am busy on so those should be up soon as well as a wrestle girl i have been working on.
Catch you later….C.

Baroque wall pattern

Okay it has been a while since I put anything up, well I have been taking a break for a bit but i have been working on some more ideas, anyways i am sure you guys dont visit this blogg to hear my sob stories, so i was just messing around with one of the images, alternate background like a old wall with a baroque pattern… here it is enjoy