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Vampirella WIP

I had this doodle of Vampirella on my computer for some time, I re-sketched it in PS.

I made a cyan print out on A3 paper and re-sketched her again, also adding a few more props to the scene and creating some interest.

Next will be colour.

Mortal Kombat 9

Finally I can show and talk about MortalKombat 9 . I have been working on this project at Atomhawk Studios now for a year and bit , doing the last bit of the work as early as Jan-Feb 2011, it has been a awesome project and a great fun to be part of.

I picked up a copy of the game on Saturday and its a great feeling to see the work finally come full circle.

Here are a few picks of the concepts I did, there are a ton more but I first have to get permission to show those, but hey why not buy the art book it has basically all the concept art in there, anyways enjoy.

My GrindHouse project online

I have been working on this project creating the website’s opening artwork. It went through a couple of iterations till the final piece I am very excited about this the whole site it just looks amazing, I will be creating artworks periodically to be displayed here so keep an out out for this website.