Frankenstein Created Bikers Poster artwork

So now I can show the poster artwork I did for Frankenstein created Bikers

My goal with the poster was to capture the action and excitement like the old 80’s VHS action video covers.

Info on the movie can be found here:

So here is the first comps I did for the poster layout , I kept them small so i could concentrate on layout and prevent myself from getting stuck on details.

Once the preferred layout was chosen I then produced a rough revised comp/layout

Then the process started of detail work , I did a complete black and white tonal value painting first, this way I could make sure the elements on the image popped the way I wanted them too:

Final colour version with text and with out text , I also added allot of looser bold brush strokes to create the sense of action and movement, this is something new to me as my work is normally very stiff and static.

Finally a massive thanks to James Bickert for letting me work on this awesome project

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