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Inara The Jungle Girl Poster

This was a commission from Red Valkyrie Studious new film : Inara the jungle girl , they wanted a poster done of their film in my style.
I tried to create the scene of the jungle girls protecting Inara as the ominous shadows of danger are approaching.
This was a fun project to work on, I really enjoyed the theme. :)
Fun fact. the one request the client made was that I make all the girls breasts bigger….I of course have no problem with that. :)
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Werewolves on Wheels artwork and Poster print

Inspired by the 70’s film ‘Werewolves on Wheels’ I decided to create this poster.
The movie is a biker/horror film.
I wanted to incorporate allot of the films themes and scenes in the artwork , for example the wax doll in the lower right hand corner of the poster is of the female character, that ‘One’ the leader of the devil cult creates, gets possessed to perform the dance of evil under the control of One , that is the character behind the werewolf.
For the silk screen poster I decided to try something different by making the dots of the positive film larger, this had a really cool effect on the final print, smaller pencil details seem to melt into the artwork, but this also made the colours in the poster more vibrant.

I really enjoyed the final result, more info on the poster can be found here :

Santa and the She Devils

So what would the holidays be without some grind house goodness, this was a project I did with we wanted to create a really messed up idea of a exploitation film for the holidays, so this is what came out:

Lenny “Don’t Call Me Sugar” Lowenstein is a man of broken faith who finds himself questioning the existence of Santa Claus as he tries to make it as a jazz musician in the big city.
Santa has been possessed by a demon from Hell and that the North Pole has been overrun by monsters from the pit to make way for the coming of the Antichrist on Christmas Day.
Armed only with street smarts,a disillusioned talking reindeer with a severe addiction to alcohol named Rudy.
The duo face down the holiday horror as they make their way to Santa’s Workshop, a brothel of red-hot succubae who are eager eat our heroes alive.

I used some ref for the main character pose from the awesome stock of fellow deviant artist :

From Beyond Webshop

I was commissioned to create a splash page for a horror web shop called ‘From Beyond’ the client wanted a collage of horror, I did a few rough thumbs and then we settled on the design you see now, this was a fun project to do, I really enjoyed creating this image.

Note this is the artwork with out its text 🙂

The Kiss of the Undead ScreenPrint

So here is my latest screen print, The Kiss of the Undead, this one came out really amazing , what I love the most about it, it really give the feel of the old printed comic books with its halftone screen feel. What I did differently when making this silkscreen is  I separated the black and had that made as a totally separate positive, normally when making positives for full colour silk screening each colour is offset to one another including black, but I wanted to achieve the effect of my black as almost ink lines on top of the final colour work, so to do this I had the black played out as a separate positive I thing the result shows how cool it worked.

Check out the pics, this print will be available for purchase soon.

A gift from Warfear

The good folks of  Warfear sent me this surprise gift over from the states, really cool how this all came out, thank you very much guys.