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Digital treatment

Hi All
Spend a quick 40min on my painting after work, giving it a little digital treatment and it seems to be tacking shape, I cant wait to see the final version , but if I dont leave now then I am going to get home really late….anyways enjoy

Another little practice run

Hi All

Tried another little practice run last night, a litle better, but I still feel I have a very far road ahead of of oh well , better start walking……
anyways did this on watercolour paper with acrylic paint.

Red breasts

I took a quick digital pass over the painting to see what i could do with it, not finished yet, but finally I am starting to see how digitally it makes it possible to fix any image, this is going to too be bad for me…..beacuse I will become lazy and rely too mutch on digital quick fix, not good, oh well enjoy….added a cheesy frame to further enhance the kitch look…..:)

Big red

HI everyone
Damn man , i have been so un-creative , just dont seem to have any really crazy ideas or insperation at the moment, so i have been using this time just to mess around with artmaterials and try some techniques etc, in the vain hope that somthing insperational will come along and bite me in the ass…….nothing has bitten me yet.
oh well, i was trying out canvass paper, its basically treated paper that has a canvass like material, it works pretty well i must say, i cant say the same for the painting, but for now i am just in practice mode…….so be patient guys somthing will happen eventually.

I might take this painting into photoshop and give it a little digital treatment but, for now here is the un-treated version

Biro pen and spraypaint

Hi all
Thanks for the comments from everybody, I really do appreciate them and it helps as a morale booster, anyways here is somthing I did over my christmass break, playing with a ballpoint pen , black spraypaint and white paint.

Bendy monster

Another rough artwork in the pipeline, i think i am going to leave this one for a while and come back to it at a later stage, i realized i am using alot of reds and oranges in my artworks, man i have got to break away from those colour palettes and try another range of colours.
Till my next post see ya!

Warm up sketch

Well this sketch is done for now, i was just doing this one for a warm up before moving onto a more complete paint of this character.


Start of a new year, it has been going a little slow for me in the art department, but i hope to get back on track asap….here is a 1hour sketch i did during lunch time, its a WIP.