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Figure drawing

Figure drawing, long pose 3 hours, 24 sep

Skare final cover art

Here it is finally, my first comishioned dvd cover for, I created the dvd cover and two menu screens, my first bit of gore art, also go check out thier cool little flash page for the film on thier website its really neat.

The Island of Shambolac

Feel the wrath of the Shambolac…the next expliotaion poster done at last.

Sears tower falls to the Zombie horde

World War Z Concept art

OH the image from the previous post was a concept I did based on the World War Z book.

Here are some more…enjoy

Atomhawk lives

Atomhawk lives
Yup there was a little down time after the closer of Midway Newcastle studios, but thats beacuse I was part of a master plan in the works, and so now I give you Atomhawk design, my latest and greatest venture.

Here is some more reading material about us and our missions in life bla bla….

but be back soon for more arty updates….LATER