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Jungle Girl Zombie hunter on Voodoo Island

She is back , this time i decided she is hunting zombie dinosaurs , must have been all the advertising i have been seeing for Jurassic park that influenced this.  I  also produced a  limited run of 7 spot colour silkscreen of this poster using dayglow inks, if anything is left after SA comic con in September i will be putting them up in my new web shop i am currently working on.

Cosmic Sounds of Staceytron

This collaboration was with the very mysterious and seductive Stacytron , she provided the pose based on my initial rough sketches. We decided to create a mock vinyl cover. This was a great little project.

Car Decal Pin Up

I designed this car decal for my work (Atomhawk Design). It is for a charity rally that we are doing ,  the car is going to be decorated to look like WW2 bomber and it needed a sexy lady to finish it off , I cant wait to see how the car is going to look once its done.

Surprise project for HALLOWEEN

I am currently working on a project I would like to launch beginning October, currently I have a ton of other paid jobs I need to address first , but if all goes as plan I might be able to pull this off as well.

Here are a few teaser images

I cant really say too much now, as I am trying my very best to deliver on this idea, lets see what happens

Voodoo Huntress

This was a sketch in my sketchbook I finally decided to scan in and rework it bit . Sometimes I need to just unwind so I normally go digging around my sketchbooks looking for potential pieces I can rework into something presentable.
Just one for fun

EAT Brains

I had this artwork floating around on my hard drive for some time now, so I finally decided to ink it up and give it some colour.

Miss LucySin Pinup

Just felt like doing a fun pin-up, I call her Miss Lucysin
Thats all….Enjoy

Ghoulish Pinup

I just felt like doing a pinup…… that’s all 🙂


Halloween inspiration

Here is some Halloween inspired art I have been dabbling in.

Dance Mecabre

I wanted to try somthing a little different here, basicaly its still the same B-Movie poster format that I use.
But what I wanted to try this time, is a combination of classical horror comics and pin-ups combined.
So this one is my first test run, I took the idea from a old eerie comic and then added all my goodies to it, to create Dance Mecabre.

Here is a closeup on the linework, scanned in at 300DPI I used brightness and contrast to create the very deep lines

Then adding a multiply layer I painted under the line work to keep the ‘comic book feel’

Till later