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Getting into traditional media again

I have been trying to get back into working with traditional media, but it seems that even when the original artwork is scanned in, it ends up going through a little digital re-touching, oh well if it makes it look better, then I must please the digital gods, anyways here is my latest offering…..enjoy.


Well after a few lunch times , I finally got Acehead finished, I decided to take the playing card out of her head for now.
hope you enjoy this………more crazy stuff comming soon to my site, so keep visiting.

Russian doll

On friday I got a strange request, to paint anything of my choosing on a russian doll.
The doll itself was just plain wood and it can pop open so that the other smaller dolls can fit inside, well this was going to be a interesting surface to paint on, not only is it small but the entire surface is curved, but I figured hey if the russians can do it then so can I.
So I basically using a pencil drew my design on the wooden surface and then set about painting it using Winsor and Newton Acrylic paint, really great paint to work with, although it is acrylics so they dry fast.
So here are the results of my attempt on a russian doll……enjoy
PS. I also included a picture of what they normal russian dolls look like.

Lunchtime madness

Started a piece for my lunchtime madness….I call this one “the flesheater”, I dont know about the ace card in her head yet, but as the piece progresses I will figure somthing out about why I drew it in there in the first place.
This one is still a work in progress, so stay tuned to see how it developes.


Hi All

Did this one over two lunchtimes…..I hope it wont put you off your lunch

Crimson reaper

Hey it goes with the colours of my blogsite…….REDDEATH, aka the crimson reaper, and to think Bob Ross says that crimson is a very soft colour not really strong, oh yeah!…..use crimson on the reaper and you got yourself a whole new deal!!

Plant man

Well the move to Newcastle has finally happend, but now I sit and wait for my PC to arrive, but in the meantime, I have this gem for you guys to check out, I worked on it on and off as I had spare time……..well enjoy

I give you Mudman, half man half plant matter…..all mud!,
Chilling out in the swamp lands he likes to steal beer from the rednecks when they have thier mid morning sleep, after a early morning binge drinking session.:)
Okay I know that was a lame description!!