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Lucha Diablo

OH yes before I forget this site will be filled with babes…. so in the spirit of the El Gran Luchadore, I give you the full picture of the Luchadore Demonio.

Hell mother

Okay here is the first new set of crazy stuff, and this time round I decide will post up stuff from my sketch book, but I have not fixed the images in anyway so they are as they were drawn.
Here they are…..

Big Thanks

I would like to thank a very good friend of mine Andre Jacobs. For helping me get my site up again after the server was hacked or somthing to that effect.
I owe you a beer for this one THANKS AJ!!
So at last the posting can begin again, and this time around it going to be posting with a vengance, so be prerared for some serious rentina rash!!
Corlen Kruger aka Wacom Zombie

Sitting down

Well was so excited when my new site just started, ijust had to test out the posting feature, okay I know………. newbie!!

Art of …