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Basic Doodels

Some Basic Doodels
Here are some doodles I was toying with while waiting for some 3d renders to finish, the renders took a while, so I was able to ink a few of them with my brush pen.


I had this bag for a while now, but it started getting old, so I decided I would paint on it, so this was the outcome, and today my man-bag has finally died the zip broke, and the velcro tabs dont work anymore so I am going to put this one to rest.

Succubus red tail

Holy Crap

Its like I left the planet, stayed in orbit for a month or two then came down again, sorry about the huge delay in postings, my mojo was a little low, I have how ever been busy, so here is a older artwork did it about two month ago, acrylics and brush pen, finished it off digitally.